Position Overview

Key role in the design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems. The programs you create are likely to help businesses be more efficient and provide a better service. Write the step-by-step instructions that direct computers to process information in a series of logical steps. Different tasks require different programming languages, the kind of work they do depends on the employer. Responsible for writing and coding individual programs or providing an entirely new software resource. Job duties:
  • Programming applications efficiently in collaboration with the team / manager to achieve the perfect project development.
  • Analyze and design the entire software and its components.
  • Conversion code specified design.
  • Ensure the quality of the written code.
  • Maintain code level applications.
  • Root Cause Analysis of Quality non conformances related to Systems.
  • To support Industrial engineering on user requirements mapping.
  • Reviewing current systems.
  • Presenting ideas for system improvements, including cost proposals.
  • Working closely with analysts, designers and staff.
  • Producing detailed specifications and writing the program codes.
  • Testing the product in controlled, real situations before going live.
  • Preparation of training manuals for users.
  • Maintaining the systems once they are up and running.
  • To work with every Project Manager on aligning the software developments to MVCR Quality system requirements.
  • Manage all projects and constantly provide gantt status reports.

    1. Advanced knowledge of programming languages Java and intermediate or C ++.
    2. Knowledge of system design techniques.
    3. Knowledge of UML.
    4. Knowledge management SQL Server, MySQL.
    5. Knowledge of modern technologies.
    6. Knowledge of technical English.
    7. Programming knowledge and Excel Macros.
    8. Knowledge of programming web pages.
    9. SharePoint programming knowledge.
    Desired Qualifications
    1. Team player and empathetic.
    2. Proactive and problem Solver.
    3. Ability to clearly and concisely communicate with technical and non-technical stakeholders across all levels of the organization.
    4. Committed
    5. Experience designing, building and troubleshooting complex service-oriented systems.
    6. Able to work under pressure at a fast-pace environment.
    7. Results Driven