Position Overview

With good understanding of MV products, dedicated to MV products portfolio management. Assist the Marketing Manager in implementing all marketing activities; lead and support product managers with product planning for China; responsible for employee, distributor, and customer product training; develop and execute new and existing product promoting strategies in China; assist China sales team to achieve company sales target; assist with the design of product/marketing materials.
Job Duties
  • Learn and specialize in MV products and clinical knowledge, and enrich the professional knowledge to achieve industry-leading levels. 学习MV产品和临床专业化知识,达到行业领先水平。
  • Develop product marketing strategies to adapt the development of the market. 制定出适应市场发展的产品营销策略。
  • Collect customer feedback of corresponding market competition in a timely manner and analyze and provide proposals related to competitive products. 及时收集和反馈相应的市场竞争情况,分析相关竞争产品并给出建议。
  • Assess market prospects to help complete the long-term product competitive strategy. 通过前瞻性市场评估来帮助完成长期的产品竞争战略。
  • Responsible for translation and revision of all marketing materials, including product brochures/power points, training materials, contents for online and wechat forums, etc. 负责翻译和修改所有营销材料,包括产品宣传册/课件,培训材料,为在线内容和微信论坛等。
  • Give training and guidance to MicroVention China team and distributor and sub-dealers’ team about medical devices, equipment expertise, and marketing strategies. 对MicroVention中国团队以及经销商和子经销商团队关于相关产品和设备提供培训和指导。
  • In charge of establishment and maintenance of network of experts and integration of academic resources. 负责建立和维护专家网络以及整合学术资源。
  • Actively involved in the preparation and communication of marketing activities, including training, conferences, and other events; participate as needed in additional duties and responsibilities as assigned. 积极参与营销活动的准备和沟通,包括培训、会议、和其他活动;根据需要参与额外的职责分配。
  • Perform additional duties and responsibilities as assigned. 上级交办的其他任务

    1. A minimum of seven (7) to (10) years of medical marketing related experience with separate product marketing operation experience.医疗市场营销相关工作经验,7-10年以上独立操作产品营销经验
    2. Considerable awareness of medical devices market, familiar with marketing operations.对于医疗器械市场的高度认知,熟悉市场的运营
    3. Have a good creative planning ability/meeting organizational capacity, training ability/executive ability.有良好的创意策划能力/会议组织能力,培训能力/执行力
    4. Acute market intelligence and excellent strategic vision.敏锐的市场洞察力和出色的战略眼光
    5. Able to manage travel and office hours effectively.能够有效地管理出差和办公时间
    6. Bachelor’s degree in a medical related field; master’s degree preferred.医学相关专业学士学位,硕士优先
    Desired Qualifications
    1. Speak, read, and write English and Chinese well. 良好的中英文读写能力
    2. Strong interpersonal, verbal and communications skills. 良好的人际关系,语言和沟通技巧
    3. Ability to work independently and learn new skills. 能够独立工作并学习新技能
    4. Ability to handle multiple tasks effectively with high attention to detail and consistently meet deadlines. 有效地处理多个任务的能力以及对细节的关注,对时间节点的把握
    5. Proficiency in MS Office including Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. 精通办公软件包括Word, Excel, Outlook和PowerPoint
    6. Ability to work in a team environment. 团队协作能力
    7. Need to lead a 4-6 person product team. 需要带领管理1-3人产品团队