Product Benefits

An innovative coil designed to seek out and fill available space

  • This unique design allows the VFC embolization coil to efficiently seek out and fill within complex anatomies. 

  • Due to the loop and wave design, a single VFC embolization coil can cover a wide range of sizes; allowing a single VFC embolization coil to replace multiple conventional coils on the shelf

  •  Ideal for quick and efficient filling for occlusion in fistulas and vessel sacrifices


Product Compatibility:

Compatible with Headway DUO 156 Microcatheter, Headway 17 Microcatheter, Headway 21 Microcatheter

V-Trak™ Advanced

V-Trak™ Advanced

MicroVention’s coils feature the V-Trak Advanced delivery system and are detached using the V-Grip® Detachment Controller

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Neurovascular Malformation Solutions

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