Product Benefits

The Wedge™ Microcatheter optimizes SOFIA® 6F Catheter navigation past tortuous bifurcations allowing SOFIA® 6F Catheter to access extremely challenging occlusion locations

    • Easier passage through ophthalmic and MCA/ACA bifurcations
    • Improved navigation to occlusion location
    • Minimized vessel trauma
  • The bulb segment’s enlarged outer diameter is designed to reduce “ledge effect” with the SOFIA 6F Catheter

  • The 160cm working length ensures adequate distal length when using the SOFIA 6F 131cm Catheter


Product Compatibility:

  • The Wedge Microcatheter was specifically designed for use with the SOFIA® 6F 0.070” Catheters
  • The Wedge Microcatheter is compatible with the Traxcess® 14 Guidewire and guidewires with and OD of 0.014”- 0.018"

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